Missouri Family Trip

Location: Emminence, MO
Ministry Partner: Discovery Ministries
Date: October 4-8
Team Leader: Mike Killebrew

Registration Deadline: April 19 - Application and 10% deposit is due.
Estimated* Cost: $180 for the first person, $100 each additional person - Maximum 4 people per family
Includes: Lodging, supplies

Questions? Please contact ChrisCesnik@TheCreek.org
If you would like to donate to the trip, click here

Trip Documents:
Complete GO! Mission Trip Application
GO! Support Raising Guide - learn about fundraising policies and ideas to get you started.
GO! Sample Trip Support Letter to send to family and friends.
GO! Donor Support Form accompanies support letters and donors submit with their donations for tax-deductible purposes.

Contact if you have questions like:

  • Were you nervous/scared?
  • Was the food awful/what did you eat?
  • Was it hard to navigate a non-english speaking country?
  • Was it hard to fundraise?

Questions? Contact chriscesnik@thecreek.org.