God's Love Changes People

Dan Hamel - May 05, 2019


Do you believe that God has a plan for your life? Why or why not? 

How would you describe what that plan is? 


How did this sermon deepen your faith? How did this message challenge you?

Read Ephesians 1:1 and Acts 9.

What stands out or resonates with you from these passages? 
Just as God used Paul’s unique blend of experiences and education, what unique blending of experiences and education do you have that God might be able to use for his glory?
n this message, Dan talked about how Paul’s passion didn’t change, only his purpose after meeting Jesus. How does God’s purpose for your life influence how you parent, engage in relationships, go to work, etc.?
How would you describe how Jesus has changed your life?
How have you experienced the love of God? Do you feel loved by God now? Explain.
What are some examples of the differences that you have seen in your desires, thoughts, and actions as a result of Jesus becoming a focal point in your life? Where else in your life do you feel you are still in need of changing to become more like Jesus?
The mantra of this study through Ephesians is that “God’s Love Changes Everything.” Do you truly believe that? Why or why not? 
In what ways would the people of God engage the world if they lived fully into that reality? 


What is one thing that the way of Jesus is going to change about how you go about life this week? 
How do you plan on being intentional about that change? 
How can your group help keep you accountable in that? 


This week spend time in prayer as a group for how God might want to use each of you to change those in your spheres of influence with His love. 


Ephesians is one of the most dynamic and powerful books in the entire Bible. All throughout this letter we read about God’s love and how his love changes everything about our lives. His love changes our identity, relationships, calling, character, family, work, mission, and more.

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