All Eyes On Jesus

Dan Hamel - Apr 28, 2019


Tell about a time you were filled with inexhaustible awe and wonder. 


What is something you learned from this message? How did this sermon deepen your faith?

Read Revelation 1:10-20.

What aspect of Jesus is most worthy of awe in your opinion? Explain.

How would you describe your disposition toward Jesus on a normal basis? Is it one of awe and wonder? Or is it one of apathy? Why? What do you think contributes to our loss of awe toward Jesus?

In this message, Jeff said that it is common today to belittle the Church. How would you describe how Jesus speaks of the Church? How does the way you talk and think about the church align with Jesus?

Jeff also mentioned in this sermon how Jesus holds in his hands the ministers of the Church. How would you describe the role a pastor plays in the life of the church? What do the Scriptures say about the role of a minister?

How have you benefited in your life from the shepherding of a pastor? 

As this past Sunday was Gary’s last Sunday as Lead Servant, what would you consider to be your favorite memory of Gary? How have you seen Gary model a Christlike example for you? 


How can your group come alongside you to help you develop a deeper level of awe and wonder for Jesus?

Who is—and in what ways can you thank—a pastor who has invested time into your life? 


This week pray for three things: 

1. Pray for Gary as God continues to lead him into what is next.

2. Pray for Dan as God continues to guide him into leading The Creek.

3. Pray for The Creek as we work to become the kind of church that God wants us to be.  


For the last 5 weeks, Pastor Gary Johnson has lead us through the Gospel of Luke where Jesus set out for, what would become, his last journey to Jerusalem—we stopped to notice four insights as to what was important in His life and ministry. And this past week, we looked at the role Jesus is playing today from the book of Revelation.

If you’d like to find our more about what following Jesus or growing in your faith, please don’t hesitate to reach out at! 

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