All Eyes on Jesus-His Hope

Gary Johnson - Apr 21, 2019


How would you assess your year thus far? Has it been a year full of bad news? Has it been mostly good news? Or maybe a mixture of both? How have you experienced God through this? 


What did you learn from this message? How did this sermon deepen your faith?

Read Luke 24:1-49.

What do you think the women coming to Jesus’ tomb and the disciples would have been feeling when they saw the death and burial of Jesus? What do you think the women would have felt when they realized that the tomb Jesus was laid in was empty?

Why do you think the disciples had such a hard time believing that Jesus would be resurrected even though He had told them three times that it would happen? 

Is there any part of you that struggles to believe in Jesus’ resurrection? If so, explain. If not, what are some common objections to Jesus’ resurrection you have heard? Which do you find most compelling? Why?

Gary talked about how it was the resurrection of Jesus that laid the foundation for the early church. What would you say the foundation of your faith is? 

On the road to Emmaus, Gary talked about how Jesus didn’t meet the expectations of the Cleopas and the unnamed disciple. In what ways have you had faulty expectations of Jesus? In what ways has Jesus disrupted these? 

While there are many religions saying that they can show you the path to eternal life, Jesus says that only he is the way to salvation. How does this exclusive claim of Jesus sit with you? Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

How does the resurrection give you hope? How does having this hope make you feel? What are other things people place their hope in? How is Jesus a better object of your hope?

Gary ended talking about how H.O.P.E. is heard, found only in Jesus, powerful, and eternal. Which aspect of hope resonates with you most? Explain.


How does the reality of Jesus’ resurrection prompt you to live a differently this week?

Who is someone you can be praying comes to know the hope of Jesus? 


This week gives praise to God for sending Jesus to die on the cross and, by the Spirit, raising him to life so that we might experience new life also! 


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