All Eyes on Jesus-HIs High Calling

Gary Johnson - Apr 07, 2019


When you think about the person and work of Jesus, which story in his life and/or which teaching of his resonates with you most? Why? 


Read Luke 19:1-10.

What words or phrases stand out, challenge, resonate or encourage you from this passage?

How did this sermon deepen your faith? How did this message challenge you?

In this sermon, Gary talked about how Zacchaeus went out on a limb spiritually to get a good look at Jesus. What do you think might be indicators that show how people around you are on “spiritual limbs?”

What are the barriers you personally face to sharing the gospel?

Some people say that to share the gospel, one only need to do so by example and without any words. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? 

In Gary’s sermon, he talked about 3 potential barriers that some people have in regard to sharing their faith: (1) Some people are confused; (2) some people are conformed; (3) and some people are not concerned. Which of these three most challenges you? How can your group help keep you accountable in this area?

In this sermon, Gary also talked about the reality of Hell. Describe your feelings of the doctrine of Hell. What questions do you have about it? What Scriptures talk about Hell that would be good to reference? How does this teaching impact your view of evangelism? 


Who are the people in your life that do not know Jesus personally? How can you begin engaging them in word and deed to perhaps win them to Christ? 


This week, pray as a group specifically for the people in each other’s lives who you are going to focus on engaging with in order to share the gospel. 


For the next 4 weeks, Pastor Gary Johnson will lead us through the Gospel of Luke where Jesus sets out for, what would become, his last journey to Jerusalem—we’ll stop to notice four insights as to what was important in His life and ministry. If you’d like to find out more about what following Jesus or growing in your faith, please don’t hesitate to email us at